The Provincial Government together with the Wrocław University of Technology support local entrepreneurs in their development activities. This assistance is based mainly on the cooperation of self-government, entrepreneurs and representatives of the world of science.

Lower Silesia - a modern region
Wrocław in terms of the development of the modern business services sector is just behind Warsaw and Krakow. In the region every 4 minutes a new company is created, and in total there are over 360,000 here. According to Eurostat, in the Lower Silesian Voivodship employment in the last decade has grown fastest among all 276 EU regions. The voivodship self-government wants to use it for dynamic development.

- A modern province is a region whose strength is a knowledge-based economy. In Lower Silesia, there is a strong influence of universities, both private and public. The modern world economy is based precisely on innovations, ideas that are quickly translated into better services, new production methods, but also better meeting the needs of consumers and the entire business - explains Marshal Cezary Przybylski.

The search for non-standard business ideas is one of the basic challenges of any economy. There are many public and private funds investing in interesting ideas in Europe and in the world. Undoubtedly, Poland should lead an active economic policy supporting domestic business in order to avoid the so-called the trap of average growth.

Self-government support
The Lower Silesian Development Fund, a specialized regional financial institution wholly owned by the voivodship self-government, shares the vision of Lower Silesian self-government's economy based on supporting micro, small and medium enterprises. In addition to offering financial debt instruments to Lower Silesian companies, the Lower Silesian Development Fund invests capital under the DFR Investment project. DFR belongs 100% to the Marshal's Office of the Lower Silesian Voivodship.

Investment DFR
DFR Inwestycyjny is a subsidiary of DFR. It acts as a professional investment fund, it does not grant grants and it invests. It may include company shares or stock, mixed financing is also provided, including providing capital through the purchase of bonds, a loan, a guarantee, etc. The chances for financing have both "young" projects as well as being in the phase of development or early expansion.

What does an entrepreneur gain?
First of all, capital for the development of your idea, and in addition, receives non-financial support. DFRI provides managerial assistance, access to expert and industry knowledge. However, it does not interfere in the substantive part of the undertaking. The originator is and will be the owner of the idea, and the role of DFRI is to provide capital and possible support in the field of missing business competences.


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